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Contracts, Mergers, Business Law

The best business relationships encounter difficulties.  Whether you have a collection action,  need a contract review, or full-blown litigation, I can help.  Many times a business issue can be solved without the time and expense of litigation.  Give me a call.


Property Disputes, Personal Injury

"I want it back."  "But you GAVE it to me."

Circumstances change.  Know your rights.  We can work together to resolve your property issue.


No one likes auto accidents, yet most of us have experienced them.  Dealing with the insurance companies and the doctors if there were injuries can be a hassle.  Everyone wants you to sign something and to rush you along.  I can manage these people for you.


Divorce, Child Custody, Domestic Partnerships

When you fall in love, the future seems limitless.  The sun is shining, the stars burn brighter, and everything is great with the world.  If you are reading this, things may have...changed.  Give me a call.  Whether it is navigating the turbulent skies of divorce, traipsing through the jungles of child custody, or motoring through the uncharted waters of post-Obergefell civil law, I am here to make your journey a little smoother. I am understanding.  I can help.


Estate Management, Property Management, Mortgages

We all die.  There, I've said it.  Benjamin Frankin is often quoted as saying that, "in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."   


While I do not do taxes and encourage people to see tax attorneys for tax advice (it is of course what they DO), I can handle drafting your will package, as well as probate the estates of your loved ones.


You have enough to deal with at this time.  Put the load of dealing with creditors and relatives on me.  I have your back.

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